Parcel for construction or investment


Become a landowner in the United States and discover the endless possibilities. The land is a smart investment, especially in underdeveloped areas. You have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of new communities, many of which could be lucrative vacation destinations. Land ownership has the potential for a major return on investment, depending on the purchase price and how long you hold the property. You can even divide your property into separate plots for rental or resale, earning even more profit from your purchase.

  • If you already have specific property requirements regarding size or location, we will make it our mission to find you the best offer.
  • You will receive many listings with detailed photos or walk-through videos.
  • After you make your property decision, US Property Capital Group will bid on the property on your behalf and finalize the transaction following negotiation and seller acceptance.
  • We take care of all legal procedures and paperwork on our clients’ behalf, so they can focus on their asset portfolio without worrying about the administrative hassle.
  • Although property investment may seem complicated, that’s exactly why we’re here – we simplify the entire process, so you can maximize your time.
  • Our clients pay for their investment property through Escrow, which protects your money until all steps are completed, and you have the official deed and title.
  • After finalizing and confirming property ownership, funds will be released from Escrow and transferred to the seller.
  • Congratulations! You are now a landowner in the United States. Get ready to watch your assets grow.
What’s next?
You already own a building lot in the US, so you can start construction work at any time or simply sell the lot for a profit. One question you might be asking yourself is… “Who will manage my property if I don’t live in the United States?” Don’t worry, our services are designed to manage all aspects of property maintenance for international clients.
  • After purchasing land, you can entrust us with the construction of a house, apartment building, or office building.
  • From purchase to the sale of your investment, count on us to manage everything.
  • We have access to 4,000 building plans ready to use in any US state, just choose the option that is the right fit for you and your goals.
  • We will manage construction, design the interior and equip it with necessary features, all in a matter of weeks.
  • If necessary, we will install video and audio monitoring around the property and maintain all landscaping year-round.
  • Our regular progress reports will keep you informed about all work regarding your investment.
  • Once your construction is complete, you decide the next steps – will this property be for sale or rent?
  • If you need a service that is not on our list, please reach out to us- we will find the best solution for you.
You can own land in the USA as an individual or as a business. However, if you choose to liquidate your property assets, we will seamlessly manage the sale process on your behalf.