Investing in a Car Charging Station

Investing in a Car Charging Station

Although it may sound out-of-the-box, a self-service Car Charging Station in the USA could be your next great investment. Thousands of electric vehicles are produced every day in the United States, but there are still too few charging stations to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers.
Some car manufacturers question whether the insufficient number of charging stations in most US states will slow down growth in electric vehicle production.

Based on highly visited regions in the US like Florida or California, there remain many places with too few gas stations, let alone EV charging stations. Florida offers a strong example of this depiction. The long distances between highway stations mean that drivers have to wait a long time to recharge, risking draining their battery entirely. Some drivers faced with this dilemma even decide to rent a car with an internal combustion engine before traveling to avoid any battery catastrophes. Unfortunately, continued use of internal combustion engines will only further pollute Florida’s beautiful tropical climate in the absence of widespread EV use and reliably-located charging stations.

The construction of vehicle charging stations in Florida boasts low operating costs and steady profits, not to mention frequent partnerships with café franchises or coffee roasters. This combination of factors is a good recipe for success and we notice it beginning to attract new companies willing to invest nearby to build shopping centers or parking lots.

If you are interested in a cutting-edge American investment, we are ready to implement your project. Within a matter of weeks, you can become the owner of electric vehicle charging stations in the US, complete with a coffee bar or restaurant and without needing to travel to the US to seal the deal.

Our services have been tailored to the needs of both foreign and local clients so that they can manage their investments without leaving their home or office.


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